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Off to Work I Go…..

Yup, it’s true. As of Monday I will be rejoining the working world. It’s only a temproary position, probably until mid January, with a commodities trading company. I will be so far out of my element as far as the type of services they provide, but good to go for the work that I specifically will be doing.

Only, I’m not excited about it. I mean, I’m thankful, because we need the funds (altho, it’s not alot, nowhere near what I *was* making) but, I’m kind of getting used to the whole gig. I like getting Trace up in the mornings and off to school, I like watching ‘toons with Landon on KCPT… (shout-out to KCPT though? Seriously need some new episodes of Super Why…Landon knows every one of them we’ve seen this week!)….I like running errands and spending time writing and taking Landon to speech therapy. Trace, well, he’s not taking it well…he’s sad and upset because he really likes the bus he is riding now, he’s got people to talk to and he’s finally *comfortable* with it. And now, I’m changing all that. Temporarily, but still. And, he even told me that he likes me being here in the mornings and when he gets home in the afternoons….that’s a big thing for him to admit.I give him all the credit in the world though, he’s trying very hard to realize that this is something that has to happen. Landon, predictably, is thrilled to pieces that I’m going back to work because that means he gets to spend his days with Uncle Danny and Debi again, lol…I’m good with that-very thankful that we have someone to care for the boys that we trust implicitly with them. When I called Uncle Danny to let him know that I’m going back to work next week, first thing out of his mouth was “Do I get first dibs on watching Landon??” LOL…..needless to say, that part of it is a no worries aspect.

Trace goes tomorrow evening for his first round of testing for the Independent Educational Evaluation. Should be interesting….I’m not sure exactly what to expect other than it’s a 2 hr appointment. More on that later….


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