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Holy Cannoli!!!

This post will be short ‘n sweet…..then I can finish the one I’ve been trying to do for weeks, lol!!

I finally, *finally*, got a laptop! Yayyyzzzz!! It’s a Dell Latitude D505….I have no idea what that means, but it was a good deal. Add in a broadband card from my cell provider and I’m golden!

Now, I can start working on the articles and stories I want to write. I’ve done research at the library to find out what I need to do to get published in some of the regional parenting magazines- I am so damn excited!!!

Also, I will have the means to research and prepare for Trace’s IEP meetings and the IEE…I can work on an IEP blueprint which will be extremely helpful.

Never realized how much we depend on computers until you don’t have one at your fingertips ….


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