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I *finally* got smart and found an android app for blogging! <hits forehead> Duh…

Anyhow, I’m here…quick update summary and more catching up to follow:

* FINALLY found a new job and love it

* don’t like my manager so much

* still trying to catch up on bills etc

* Trace is having medication issues (add/adhd combined inattentive-hyperactive type) as in, they don’t seem to be working as well

* Landon is 4 yrs old now…some behavior issues but most likely nothing not typical for his age…speech is improving by leaps and bounds!

I *think* everything else is status quo….

*Love* my new blogging app!!

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……Sigh…… We werethisclose to having all of Friday night and most of Saturday sans kiddos. We were totally hyped and ready to go out for dinner where we could actually talk to one another without being interrupted eleventy billion times with “Mom?” or “Dad” or “No no no no no” -that one is courtesy of Lil Man. We were looking forward to spending most of Saturday getting our Christmas shopping done….. ok, maybe “looking forward” is a little grossly overstated, but you know what I mean…the shopping would actually BE DONE. None of that running around a week (ok, 2 days) before Christmas searching for that one certain thing that we just have to have for that one certain person. Lord but I was looking forward to that. The boys were going to spend the night at D’s house (this is Lil Man’s caregiver during the week, and an occasional weekend etc. He has watched him since Lil Man was 8 wks old) on Friday night, watch a movie, eat popcorn etc. Then Saturday D and his wife were going to take the kids to a movie and Chuck E Cheese (gah!) and we’d pick them up sometime early evening on Saturday. When D suggested it, I was all over that in a heartbeat “Heck yeah, you bet it’s ok“. And then I called my mom. She burst my bubble in about half a heartbeat, I swear it. I offered to provide the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner this year…..no, not “cook” it, just provide it…..Thanksgiving is at Mom and Dad’s this year so she’s cooking the turkey, I’m just providing it to be cooked. ANYhow…..I called and asked if we could just bring it over on Saturday…… to which she says “Oh, you mean bring it to Ali-bug’s birthday party?” (Ali-bug being my one of my sister’s oldest daughter…she’ll be 4). And I was struck stupid for a minute (shut up, quit laughing) and then I replied, with a HUGE sigh “OH HELL. I totally forgot about the party…..and I just frickin‘ talked to R last night about it and what Ali-bug wanted. CRAP CRAP CRAP!!” and looked down just in time to see/hear Lil Man say “Cwap?” OH HELL. Not only had I forgotten the birthday party, I just taught my almost 3 yr old a semi-swear word…….gah, definitely on a roll.

Soooooo….here’s hoping we can get the Christmas shopping (and Ali-bug’s birthday present, damn it…don’t forget the present!!!) all done on Friday evening. Quit laughing.

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